How to Prepare for Your Senior Portrait

Know Before You Go
1. Choose your outfit – you have the option to take photos in and out of your graduation gown. The portraits are from your knees up, so make sure your top and bottoms are photo ready.
2. Remind your friends to attend – it can be more fun getting ready and going to the event together.
3. Plan your arrival – Northeastern @ 300 Mass Ave is located at 300 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, MA 02115. This is across the street from the BSO. Use the entrance on the side of the building facing into the Christian Science Center Plaza.
4. **You must have your Husky ID to access the building.**

What to Expect
1. Arrive 10-15 minutes early and check-in at the booth near the entrance. Please have your ID ready upon arrival.
2. Fill out your GradImages name card – this is how you are contacted when your photos are ready.
3. A team member will direct you to your photo station.
4. Last minute touch-ups! We’ll have a spot available with mirrors to make sure you’re ready for your business professional and/or cap and gown photos.
5. Smile! The photographers will take a handful of photos for you. There will be a few close ups and a few portraits (knees up) taken at different angles. Photo sessions will last 5-8 minutes so there’s plenty of time to take a variety of photos.
6. Make it your own! Feel free to remove your cap and gown for a business portrait, put your cap and gown on for a graduation portrait, take a photo with a friend or add some props.

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