Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I still order after the deadline date?

    Where can I find my order status?

    How can I confirm you've received my order?

  • How is tax calculated?

    Is the website secure?

    Do the billing and shipping addresses have to be the same?

    How is shipping calculated?

    Where do I find my coupon code?

  • I ordered the download for digital images. When will I receive the link?

    When will I receive my CD?

    When will I receive my DVD?

    When will I receive my Prints, Plaques, and Framed Prints?

    When will I receive my Tassel Frame?

    When will I receive my Thank You cards?

  • My tassel is covering part of my face. What are my options for correcting this?

    What can I do if there is someone in the background of my picture I would like to remove?

    My face appears shiny in the photograph. Can anything be done?

    Can the shadow in my photo be removed?

    Can the "red eye" be removed from my photo?

    Do you offer extensive facial retouching?

    Can you fix the glare on my diploma cover?

    I have a stray hair in my photo. Are you able to remove this?

  • Can my blurry (out of focus) photo be corrected?

    My image is too light or too dark. How can it be corrected?

    What can I do if my eyes were closed in the photo?

  • How will my final pictures be cropped?

    I cropped my images but they did not look the same during checkout. Did the cropping save?

    Why don't I see a cropping option for all print sizes?

    I am trying to "Custom Crop" but nothing happens when I click the button. How can I use this feature?

  • What type of image files are included on the CD or Digital Download?

    Can I make copies of my prints or the images online?

    What if the photo shown is not of me?

    What is your return policy?

    Can I retake my photos?